Reach a whole new level of fun with Zing Games! Make memories and share laughs with the whole family. Browse the Zing Games collection to find activities filled with fast-paced thinking, strategic challenges, funny moments, and surprises. Whether you’re looking to add some entertainment to a family game night, party, or hangout with friends,  Zing will always bring the fun!

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    Wet Head

    A family water roulette game where someone gets soaked and everyone has fun.

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    Shock Box

    Electronic reaction game to test your reaction time, speed and memory!

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    Blast Box

    A roulette-style balloon explosion game that will be a blast for the whole family.

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    Laugh My Face Off

    Super hilarious card game for kids and families.

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    Fast and exciting reaction game that brings your friends closer.

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    Zing Pong

    A fast-paced game to test your skills with friends and families.

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