3 ... 2 ... 1 ... HIGH FLYING FUN!

Super Sonic! Kid Powered! Launching to Amazing Height! Did you ever imagine that you could launch a rocket 20 stories high with the flick of your wrist? Now you can - with Zing Blast Off. Launch rockets by hand or by foot. Rip, Zip, Stomp, Fly ... Blast Off!

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    Pop Rocketz

    Air-powered, pocket-sized rocket flies up to 50 feet.

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    Zoom Rocketz

    Air-powered outdoor rocket flies up to 150 feet.

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    Sky Ripperz

    High performance whistling rocket flies over 250 feet.

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    Heli Howler

    Spinning helicopter rockets flies over 150 feet.

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    Sky Gliderz

    Soft-foam stunt plane that loops and glides over 120 feet.

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