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Shock Box

Test your reaction time, speed, and memory with this Zing Shock Box Game - an electronic reaction game. See if you can outsmart your opponents to avoid getting shocked!

Are you brave enough to play Shock Box?

• Recommended for ages 14 and up
• Adjust the shocking power and play four different game modes
• Requires 3x AAA Batteries

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2 - 4




Game Modes



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Each player holds a handle while someone pushes the start button to activate suspenseful music and a red blinking light. When the light suddenly turns green and the music stops, race to be the first to press your controller button. Players who are too slow will feel a thrilling shock.

Four different game modes:

• Intense: Only the slowest reaction speed will lose! As soon as the music stops, the last person to press their button doesn’t get shocked.

• Extreme: Ony the fastest survive! Once the music stops, the first person to press their button doesn’t get shocked.

• Memory: Try and memorize the light patten! Whoever presses their button out of turn or waits too long will get shocked.

• Rapid Fire: Can you click the fastest? The last person to press their button 80 times will get shocked.

Are you ready to take on the shock box reaction challenge?