Who says you can’t play with your food? With Zing’s Marshmallow Blaster, you can use marshmallows as edible ammo and shoot them up to 40 feet! 

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    Pump Action Blaster

    Rapid fire, air propelled marshmallow shooter fires up to 30 feet.

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    Double Barrel Blaster

    With two barrels, this toy gun has double the power of a regular marshmallow blaster.

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    Extreme Blaster

    Lock-and-load shooter fires a single marshmallow with a dramatic punch.

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    Mini Bow

    Just like its brother the Bow and Mallow but half the size.

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    Bow and Mallow

    Test your archery skills with this sweet Bow and Mallow marshmallow launcher.

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    Mini Blaster

    Secretly send marshmallows flying with the Mini Blaster.

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    Snap Dragon Slingshot

    Sling shot shooter toy shoots up to 30 feet.

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