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Klixx Creaturez

Klixx Creaturez

Keep calm and click away with the Klixx creaturez! A creepy crawly twist on classic fidget toys, these critters are sure to scare your stress away. Interlocking leg or body pieces snap into place with a satisfying click sound. Klixx Creatures can keep your mind occupied while waiting in line, on a car ride, while waiting for your dinner. Kids as well as adults can click anywhere! You can even learn to bring your creature to life using stop motion animation techniques!

  • 6 variations with 2 color options each: Spider, Scorpion, Fireant, Python, Cobra and Rattlesnake

  • Recommended for ages 4 and up  

  • Endless amount of artistic designs and shapes

  • Brightly colored, 24 inches long snakes, uniquely shaped inscets

  • Create your own stop-motion animations with Zing Studio app

  • Great for education and creative play