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Z-Curve Bow

Prepare for the ultimate outdoor battle with the Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow! The Z-Curve bow is safe and durable, but it can still launch the arrow over 200 ft making this thrilling for kids as well as adults; play together in an archery battle or shoot targets on your own!

• Recommended for ages 14 and Up
• Patented loop and launch technology for fast and easy reloading
• Durable, low-profile power bungee cords
• Equipped with both soft foam suction cup arrows and Zonic whistle screaming arrows
• With soft foam tips, Zonic arrows bounce back after hitting their target
• Suction cup arrows can stick to almost any flat surface


200 FT

Launching Distance


Easy to Use

Firing Mechanism Works for both Left or Right Handed Archers



Perfect to Enjoy Outside in the Backyard, Park, etc.